A thread through her veins.

Jurate is happily exploring the world of weaving. Between her two studios she maintains three large floor looms and a fleet of little ones. 



Her roots

Jurate was raised in the vibrant Lithuanian- Canadian community of Toronto where she apprenticed with a professional weaver. Days at summer camp were spent exploring the world of small loom weaving. 

Weaving is an important part of Lithuanian society, now and in the past. Flax grown in the fields was turned into linen yarn, then to be woven into the clothing and household goods needed in the home. 


As someone who loves to always be learning, Jurate is continuously exploring new avenues in weaving. 

From crinkled fabrics with permanent crevasses, to rugs for any space in the home, she is having fun surrounding herself in colour and texture. 

Stay tuned to find out where her explorations take her next. 




Would you like to learn with us?

Join the Mason Guild and explore the worlds of spinning, knitting and weaving. 

Or maybe a private lesson is more your speed?

It can be arranged. 


Weaving equipment

Jurate can help you to sell or donate your tools and equipment when you no longer need them. 

She has successfully helped a few people to unclutter their lives. 

Inspiration from nature.

There is a lot in nature that can be interpreted with threads in the weaving process. Stay tuned to this website and blog to see what exciting things develop.





An ancient art. Timeless. Beautiful.

Learn to weave. Make a fabric. 

LithUanian Sash Rug #2 - SOLD

LithUanian Sash Rug #2 - SOLD

Lithuanian Sash rug #2 - Sold ( reverse side)

Lithuanian Sash rug #2 - Sold ( reverse side)

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