Spinning, because knitting isn't weird enough. 

This is a bumper sticker that the mermaid has on her lime green suitcase that transports her wheel to workshops.

On the contrary, spinning is an ancient art and one that is deeply meditative.  


Why spin?

Why spin when there are so many gorgeous yarns being produced today and widely available?

The answer is the total control you can exert over the yarn you make. From the fibre preparation, to the dyeing and then the spinning, Jurate likes to do as much of the process herself as she can. 

In the Hill Country there are plenty of sheep and goats and alpaca who provide their luscious fleeces through annual shearing.  


The Gear can be antique, vintage or modern. The mermaid also spins with equipment that is made by 3D printers. This is not the realm of your great great grandmother anymore. 





Spindles are a good way to start

An inexpensive and highly portable way to spin is with a spindle. You can learn!


Colour and texture

Spinning is a relaxing way to produce yarn and make your own distinctive project. A little goes a long way. Artisanal yarns can be used around the neckline of an otherwise plain sweater or jacket. What about a funky wall hanging?

Preserve traditions of the past

There is something very satisfying about learning and preserving the important traditions of the past. Without spinning there cannot be cloth. 





Take a break from the hustle and bustle.

Come relax and feel the fibres slip through your fingers.