The Master Knitter

Jurate achieved her Master Knitter accreditation in the mid 90s. Teaching has always been her strong suite, and hundreds have learned to knit in the various communities she has lived in. 



Teaching and design work are the passion that drives Jurate daily. 

The warm months are spent in the north woods, at the side of a large lake. Much inspiration comes from the boreal forest and lakeside ecosystems. A simple, off-grid life leaves much time for creativity. 

When the days get shorter, Jurate migrates south with the snowbirds. In the Hill Country of Texas Jurate has many more opportunities to meet up with groups of fibre-loving folks. She continues to create unique pieces but also spends considerable time with her Guild and teaching. 

About the Mermaid

Jurate is the Goddess of the Seas in Lithuanian mythology. Growing up in a rich cultural group like the Lithuanian society, she learned about folkloric arts like weaving and spinning. 

A career spent as an exploration geologist meant that Jurate traveled all across Canada living and working in the bush and on the tundra. 

The landscapes and geology of the northern reaches of North America inspire a lot of her work.



"This is AMAZING!!!  Mason is lucky to have you."


— J.H.

"I'm sending my friend N. S.'s email to you and yours to her.  She has a lovely Peruvian alpaca sweater that has been damaged and needs expert repair.  N is in Mason all the time. I'm sure if you're interested, yall could manage an easy meet up."


— M. L.

"I am so glad I had the chance to meet with you spinning ladies yesterday.  I hope to see all of you and others on the list again soon.."


— R.J.



Your next learning opportunity awaits! 

Let Jurate help you to advance as a knitter!