About The Mermaid

Jurate thrives on creating beautiful and practical items from fibre and yarn. Her emotions intertwine with the vibrations of the environment to produce unique designs. At times she can be found spinning: creating a funky art yarn or a good, durable wool yarn. Another day will find her knitting up a storm. An interesting construction detail has come to mind and it must be tested out! Weaving is a new passion and draws from deep in her Lithuanian heritage. The creation of rugs fascinates the mermaid, as well as the gauziest of curtains. 

This mermaid enjoys having two homes and routinely travels between them. The seasons will dictate where and when to go. One home provides abundant social interaction and opportunities to teach and learn from others. The other home is hidden away in the north woods on a quiet lake. Inspiration and recharging of the batteries happens there. 

The mermaid's guiding principle is to have fun and mostly this means learning. Jurate enjoys learning new techniques and finding ways to inter-connect her fibre hobbies. Through this website she will show a bit of what she is working on, discuss the direction she is going, and where she draws her inspiration from.